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Thursday, October 01, 2015
"Reformation Spirit"
The Reformation Spirit

I have been told that when a farmer plows his fields he does not look over his shoulder to check his work but keeps his focus straight ahead. This keeps the rows looking pretty good. Motor cycle riders turn their heads in the direction of the turn. This greatly helps the rider to go in the desired direction. College students take one semester at a time in order to achieve their goals for earning a degree.

Keeping your eyes focused ahead of you, even if it’s just on the next step, seems to be very important.

Lutheran Christians have a great heritage in their churches, in music, hymnody, our confessions and theology, and preaching. We look back on that heritage with pride and confidence. Some say that this is our foundation and helps us maintain our Lutheran principles. But always looking back over our shoulders into the past while moving in a forward direction becomes very challenging.

When I study the reformation era and those reformers who helped make us what we are today, I cannot help but think that their hearts were filled with love for the Lord. They were guided by His word, and they were intently focused on a preferred future for the Church. Looking back at the past was useful for them only for the purpose of giving them the confidence to move forward in reforming the Church. So their main focus was on moving ahead to what was next.

All too often main line churches rest on their laurels, remember the good ole days, and focus on the way things have been previously done, believing these practices are best for a preferred future. We firmly believe that holding on to the past is how we remain faithful. We build monuments to past achievements rather than leave our spiritual forensic evidence to influence the lives of people around us in the name of Jesus. The future is too frightening so we remain stuck in the past where we think it is safe. If we grow at all, it is incrementally rather than exponentially.

The result – we are stuck! Reformation becomes a feel good once a year hymn fest where we breathe a sigh of remembrance rather than embrace it as a world changing, risk-taking, spiritual adventure that leads us into following Christ and influencing people. Instead, we stand on the premises, rest in our pews, and wish that reformation spirit were true for us right now.

It is! Christ reforms! He transforms! The Lord renews our strength like the eagles! Our lives belong to Him and our future is secure through His sacrifice. Because of that reality, reformation is a lifestyle. As we serve Him throughout our lives, we are constantly being re-formed and are able to remain true to the reformation adventure for the world around us. The only reason to look back at our past is to build confidence so we can move forward into our already prepared preferred future.

Church and spiritual Reformation are possible because of Christ!

Choose for yourselves this day to be bored and lethargic in your churches, feel powerless and skeptical about God’s power, and weak in your faith; or to take the risky reformation adventure that has been planted into our hearts through Christ and more forward to influence the world in which we live.

Now that IS the Reformation Spirit!

Pastor Dave
Stewardship Message

Stewardship is the commitment of one's self and possessions to God's service.
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