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Thursday, June 01, 2017
"The Birth of The Church" - by Pastor Dave
Although it was quite the downer when Jesus ascended into heaven, the promise of the Holy Spirit would turn the next step into a very exciting time for the people of God. As the followers of the Lord waited (per Jesus’ instructions) and wondered, the Church would be created through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, the Church is born out of pain and suffering! We, as the Body of Christ, are here only because of Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross and His resurrection. We are born out of what our Lord accomplished for us through pain and suffering. Interesting concept? Often the Church is unified, brought back to its purpose, and strengthened through persecution and hardships. This is a Christ-inspired atmosphere that works to give us a mindset like Jesus.

Yes, the Church is born in anticipation, excitement, and purpose! The followers of Christ waited in eagerness, expecting the Lord to do something with and through them. Every time we open our Bibles we can anticipate the same. The sound of the rushing wind and the tongues of fire on the heads of the believers generated an excitement of the Lord’s presence and power. Even today, there are times when you also know the excitement of the Spirit’s presence and realize Jesus is at work. His work is awesome because he does all the amazing things we can’t!

We ALL know the purpose of the birth of the Church. Those followers filled with the Holy Spirit were to go out into the streets to share what Jesus had accomplished for each and every person and they understood that message in their own language. It’s our purpose too. As long as the true, unfiltered message of Jesus is proclaimed, the Church continues to remain the Bride and Body of Christ. As long as sinners are called to repentance, outcasts are welcomed into fellowship, and imperfect are received, the Church is alive and well.

The birth of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit gives our Lord a springboard to launch His people into the world of mission and ministry (wherever you are) so that the Great Commission will be fulfilled.

The church is a gathering place for His people to learn about His word, care for each other, worship His name, receive the sacraments, and to train for service.

The birth of the Church empowers the redeemed of Christ to GO! TEACH! BAPTIZE!

Why? Because the world needs the Savior, and the Church is who God entrusted with the Message and the Work of the One who made it all possible. Forgiveness and hope of eternal life in Christ remains the backbone of what we, the Church, are all about.

Happy Birthday Church! Happy Anniversary year (60th) Calvary! Celebrate Jesus!

Pastor Dave

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Stewardship is the commitment of one's self and possessions to God's service - a gift of love.
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