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Monday, July 27, 2015
"When The Body Doesn't Work"
“When Body Parts Don’t Work”

The “Body of Christ” is a strange and unusual concept, but it makes sense. All those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ have an integral part to play within that framework and function. The Bible speaks of spiritual gifts and how each person fits into the body of Christ. Understanding this concept is important to the Lord. We all are supposed to fit in somewhere. So what happens when the body parts don’t work?

Last October, I experienced continuous and unexplained pain in the right upper quadrant of my body. Test after test showed nothing conclusive and repeated doctor visits provided no answers. This drove me crazy.
For me, one last test was prescribed and the little culprit, a malfunctioning gallbladder that was causing pain in my body, was discovered. Surgery was needed and recovery followed. Right now I am pain free. This experience was another reminder to me that ALL the parts of my body needed to function properly in order to live a healthy life.

Imagine the Church, connected to the love of the Lord of Jesus and desiring to serve Him corporately and personally, that had a constant but undetermined source of pain or irritation. How frustrating would that be?
When body parts do not work, there is dissention, jealousy, strife, inactivity, lack of purpose and direction, and downright breakdown in the church. Discouragement and disillusionment end up being the attitude of the day.

St. Paul would say it this way. “This ought not be!”

One hour a week doesn’t work. Sitting in the pew watching others work, plan, participate in defensive talk and unfocused activity, does not work. Waiting to be asked does not work. Failing to step up and lead or serve does not work.

You see, when body parts do not work, the whole body grows weaker and more incapable of functioning. We limp along wondering what we can do or worse, blaming others for the failure.

Think you’re not important? The Bible teaches that when one part suffers, all parts do. (Sound familiar?) The Bible teaches that all parts are needed for a healthy, functioning church/body.

Age doesn’t matter. If something in my body doesn’t work, at whatever age, it affects my health.
The age of the body of Christ does not matter either. The Church and its people, whether young or old, all have a place in His body. Working together allows for healthy, growing service to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Did I say that YOU are a part of the body of Christ? By the grace and mercy of our Lord YOU FIT IN! We must work together as parts of Christ’s body to serve Him now, as well as to prepare for future followers.

Pray, study His Word, worship, receive the sacrament, help, serve, and care for others. Lead and volunteer. Encourage and build up one another. Be ready at all times to tell the story of how Jesus’ love has influenced your life. Get up, go out, take a risk, and be a part of building up the body of Christ in the name of Jesus.

So be it!
Pastor Dave
Stewardship Message

Stewardship is the commitment of one's self and possessions to God's service.
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