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Tuesday, April 04, 2017
"We Need Help!"- By Pastor Dave Weeks

On that first day of the week, early in the morning, the women took off for the tomb that was supposed to be Jesus’ final resting place. They came to finish the job of applying cloths and burial spices they could not complete on Friday. While on their journey back to the tomb, they realize the stone is too heavy for them to move.

Who will help us move the stone?

The wonderful message for the entire world is that the tomb is empty. God moved the stone!

There are so many times in our lives when we wonder how we will make it or get through this turbulent time. Each breath is difficult and even small tasks are a challenge to achieve. We need help!

It is an amazing fact in our lives that the Lord provides help in time of need. It could be an unexpected gift, food, phone call, visit, email, or letter. Sometimes an opportune meeting at the store. Often the rallying of family and friends to lend a hand or to just be present in times of need. Our cries for help are answered by the Lord.

The women not only find the stone rolled away, but they get the bonus of an empty tomb. Jesus IS alive! The men will experience similar feelings when they need help understanding the message of the returning, excited women. When the early gathering of believers needed help to follow the Lord in faith, He gave them the power of the Holy Spirit.

We need help too! God provides it through our Lord and Savior Jesus. The payment for sins has been satisfied. The victory over the grave has occurred and the tomb is empty. Our cry for eternal help has been answered. His mercy endures forever!

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The Lord has given us the community of believers for that reason. The Lord does answer as well as provide for us in times of need.

The size of the stone to be rolled away does not matter. Our God is an awesome God!

He Is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

Pastor Dave
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Stewardship is the commitment of one's self and possessions to God's service - a gift of love.
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