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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
“This is What I Believe!”

One of the wonderful results of the Resurrection of Jesus is the increase of faith and trust the disciples gain as they proclaim repentance, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life on behalf of the Savior. The Holy Spirit empowers them to have the confidence and boldness to say to the people they encounter, “This is what I believe!”

The same is true for believers today.

On this side of the resurrection, you and I are also empowered by that same Spirit, and can give bold testimony on behalf of the Savior. We can share what impact the Savior’s love has had upon us. We can proclaim what He had done, what He gives to us, and what He calls us to do. Our witness is based upon the same statement of the early believers…
“This is what I believe!”

For the most part, believers today choose not to tell. We do not say anything to those in the world around us. Political correctness, the desire to be friendly and nice, and the need to blend in all crash into “this is what I believe”. We become neutralized and lock ourselves into a cloistered world where we speak of Jesus stuff only at church, if at all.

The ability to speak of what we believe comes from a personal encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through God’s Word, His body and blood, and His Holy Spirit. We know the truth of forgiveness and eternal life because we are recipients.

The Church, by nature, is outgoing. We are commissioned to proclaim what we believe, teach and confess about the Savior. We are not called to hide the message, censor the message, or be timid in sharing the message.

The world needs to know. And that world is only an arm’s length away from you and me. “This is what I believe” is a way of life for the people of God. We have something to say about Jesus Christ.
You have something to say about Jesus Christ. Something people in your life need to hear.


In Jesus Love and Compassion!

Pastor Dave
Stewardship Message

Stewardship is the commitment of one's self and possessions to God's service.
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