“Our Journey Continues”

Although the Wisemen did not quite understand what the unfolding events meant when they saw the phenomena in the sky, they knew exactly what to follow. Although they did not know what to expect at the end of their journey, they were certain they would need to pack their very special treasures as gifts for whatever was there. Their conversations during this long adventure would be filled with excitement and anticipation. There is no evidence to the contrary that these kings were well aware of the fact that this would be a journey of a lifetime. Everything else would-be put-on hold.

When you celebrated the 2020 New Year last year, did you ever expect it would play out like it did? We were introduced to some new words that are still with us. We were shut down. We were told that science had all the answers. Chaos came to many cities. Fellowship changed. Conversations took place on an entirely different level. So many events were canceled or placed on hold.

Did we gain any wisdom?

These Wise Men were strangers and foreigners to the Hebrew faith. What long ago Daniel preserved, they were able to read and research.

How exciting it is to begin a new year with new and challenging opportunities to serve the Lord. On this side of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we know through God’s Word what is in store for us at the end of our journey. We know exactly who it is that we follow. The Lord Jesus!

Now we enter into 2021!

2021 will hold a vaccine for all. Slowly but surely, we will be able to connect with each other. Things will not be the same and we really do not want life to return to what is once was. In Christ, we always journey into a life He has planned for us.

We are no longer strangers and foreigners to this kingdom of Jesus the King.

There are downsides to this familiarity to the faith. We have come to a place of boredom and complacency the more familiar we are with it. Although we know Who to follow and even the guided path that is presented to us, we focus on the side trips of the journey instead of the destination. The special treasure that is packed for our Lord and King is all too fragmented and divided to make any impact. Offering our lives as a living sacrifice becomes a question of which “part” of our lives will we offer instead of the entire package required. Putting everything else on hold to honor the Lord never makes any sense to us. Too many options, distractions, and focus on non-essentials are always before us. Familiar family members sometimes just take this for granted. 2020 taught us a harsh lesson that life is fragile, we cannot ever take things for granted, faith and the practice of it is precious, and we must always be prepared to adjust to an everchanging world through the empowerment of a never-changing Lord.

The lessons from the Wisemen are for us in this new year.

  • Search the Scriptures to know the way.
  • Follow the Lord without having all the answers and details.
  • Bring with you the precious treasure of yourself.
  • Be ready for a long journey, but do not be surprised if it is shorter than anticipated.
  • Remember that everything else might have to be placed on hold.
  • Understand the purpose of the journey getting you to the destination.
  • The end of the journey will be awesome and it is just the beginning of His splendor.

This new year 2021 will be excitingly challenging in many ways. You will have a new Pastor. You and I will be required to trust in the Lord and in each other in ways many have not experienced. All will be asked to step up and serve as witnesses for the Lord. The Wisemen faced similar. The Lord will bring to bear many blessings for all to see. Look to the Star of Bethlehem – Jesus. He is God with us, God revealed to us, and God who walks with us throughout the journey.

A Blessed New Year to All in Jesus! 2021

Pastor Dave

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